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Dried, Silk and Preserved Flower Arrangements

Dried, Silk and Preserved Flower Arrangements

There are So Many reasons to Enjoy Dried, Silk and Preserved Flower Arrangements. 

McGraths Hill Florist has been creating some more new modern designs of our realistic silks, preserved and dried flowers, they are available in so many different colours, styles and textures that you can enhance any space in-home, that will continue to last.

These arrangements are a gift that continues giving months, even years. 

These are all available to buy online at our “Everlasting” Page. Plus many more in our beautiful store. Our Everlasting Arrangements are easy to look after and maintenance-free, also fragrance-free, and will never drop any leaves.

Impressive everlasting plants arrangements

They always look real and in season, no matter what time of year it is. All arranged in special containers and are simply hassle-free, no watering required. No arranging necessary. 

Dried, preserved and silk arrangements are not affected by the changing weather conditions of extreme heat and cold. We carry a huge selection of Silk, Dried and Preserved Arrangement many more in store than online. Happy to create any design to suit your home or work décor.

Simply order our Beautiful Designs online at the “Everlasting” page.

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