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Beautiful Sunflowers Bouquets and Arrangements

Beautiful Sunflowers Bouquets and Arrangements

Sunflowers grow in Australia throughout the year. However, spring and early summers are s great time of the year to grow these bright coloured plants. Sunflowers absorb plenty of sunshine and water to radiate those amazing shades of the sun throughout the day. Sunflowers grow quickly and are great plants for kids to learn more about gardening and growing flowers from the seeds. 

Recently hybrid varieties of sunflower are grown with two flowers and plants that can be grown with pollen-free flowers. Some dwarf varieties of flowers are developed for pots that make ideal for home decoration and adding bright colours to your garden. The sunflower plants can grow up to 3m with 50cm wide. The colour range varies from yellow to shades of orange.

Most farmers in Australia grow sunflowers in November which is the beginning of summers.

To celebrate the arrival of warm summer we at Mcgraths Hill Florist have stocked up a large variety of eye-catching sunflower bouquets and arrangements.  A mix of lilies and other seasonal flowers add a fresh new look to these catchy arrangements. 

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