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Autograph Teddy Bear 35
$ 35.00
Collect everyone's autograph on our adorable white canvas teddy bear, the perfect way to collect fond memories, a great keepsake for years to come!
Barney Bear
$ 35.00
Barney Bear is cute chunky & round, shaped like a barrel. He sits approx 25cm high.
Billy Grey Teddy Bear
$ 35.00
Cute Billy Grey Bear sits at 27cm, a perfect add on to your flowers.
Billy White Teddy Bear
$ 35.00
Fluffy Cute teddy bear sits at 27cm. A wonderful add on to your flowers.
Blue Bear Family
$ 15.00
The smallest blue teddy bear pictured is $15.00
Caramello Bear
$ 35.00
Caramello Bear sits 20cm high , he is very soft & cuddly.
$ 35.00
Luke Bear (sits 20cm), is the perfect gift to add to your flower deliver today.
$ 45.00
Macy sit's at 35cm high, his smile will melt anyone's heart.
Pina The Penguin
$ 35.00
Pina the penguin sits a proud 28cm, cuddling a velvet red rose.
Pink Bear Family
$ 15.00
The smallest pink teddy bear pictured here is $15.00
$ 150.00
Your never to old for a teddy bear, especially one like Princess, she is very soft and plush, a must have for that special occasion. Sits at 75cm high.
Standing Alpaca
$ 65.00
This cute Alpaca stands at 43cm, body length is 33cm. An amazing lookaike, with soft fur,just a real Alpaca.
$ 35.00
Our gorgeous soft plush unicorn stands at 35cm high. A one of a kind special gift sure to please.