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Large Planter of Succulents
$ 110.00
Tall and showy selection of mixed succulents, all arranged in a lovely square pot.
Large Succulent Garden
$ 95.00
A wonderful selection of many different varieties of succulents, all carefully arranged in a large wooden box (26cm square). These hardy plants will thrive outdoors in the full sun.
Magestic Lucky Bamboo
$ 355.00
The most grandest Lucky Bamboo plant that you will ever see! This beautiful design has 32 x 1 metre tall plants entwined and cleverly twisted together.Stands at 1 metre high.
Multi Spike Phaleonopsis Orchid Plant
$ 250.00
A beautiful long lasting gift that is sure to impress. Keep in moderately bright spot, only water when plant begins to dry out, usually every 7 to 10 days. Fertilizing with a fertilizer made for orchids. Repotting when the bloom is finished with fresh orchid mix.
Phaleonopsis Orchid for Christmas
$ 75.00
A beautiful white orchid plant in a lovely pot is an elegant gift. This beautiful elegant plant will be delivered with some open and some closed buds for a long lasting gift.
Phaleonopsis Orchids 10 Spiker
$ 165.00
We LOVE a glass bowl of Phalaenopsis orchid plants - they looks so stylish! These lovely medium size plants are just so beautiful and long lasting - a fantastic gift or special treat for your home or office! Boasting with 10 spikes in a lovely grey glazed cement pot.
Small Wooden Box Succulent Garden
$ 65.00
Lovely selection of mix shaped succulents planted into small wooden box, easy to look after, prefers full sun, but will tolerate shade as well.
Succulent Garden In Heavy Ceramic Pot
$ 120.00
Selection of lovely succulent plants arranged into a heavy ceramic pot.
Succulent Trug Garden
$ 120.00
Huge Wooden Basket Trug, a wonderful huge selection of many real live succulent plants, this fantastic gift basket will last for many years.
Terracotta Succulent Garden
$ 75.00
Assortment of different varieties in succulents arranged in a terracotta pot. Thrives in the full sun.