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Cymbidium Orchid 3 Spikes
$ 95.00
Its orchid season, a beautiful fresh live plant of multiple cymbidium orchid spikes, colour may vary slightly due to availability on the day.
Cymbidium Orchid Flowering Plant Burg
$ 85.00
Beautiful Cymbidium Orchid Plants make a long lasting gift. These orchid plants are bulbs and will keep multiplying year after year. 2 Spikes on each plant. Colour may vary.
Cymbidium Orchid Plant
$ 120.00
Fresh live cymidium orchid plants will last for many weeks, enjoy them inside whilst flowering, then outside, fertilize every season to re flower again. Color may vary.
Cymbidium Orchid Plant Multi spikes
$ 140.00
Cymbidium Orchid plants top of the range multi spiked orchids will last for many weeks. After flowering fertilize every season and keep in a protected position. Colour may vary slightly.
Large Succulent Garden
$ 95.00
A wonderful selection of many different varieties of succulents, all carefully arranged in a large wooden box (26cm square). These hardy plants will thrive outdoors in the full sun.
Magestic Lucky Bamboo
$ 355.00
The most grandest Lucky Bamboo plant that you will ever see! This beautiful design has 32 x 1 metre tall plants entwined and cleverly twisted together.Stands at 1 metre high.
Small Wooden Box Succulent Garden
$ 65.00
Lovely selection of mix shaped succulents planted into small wooden box, easy to look after, prefers full sun, but will tolerate shade as well.
Succulent Trug garden
$ 120.00
Huge Wooden Basket Trug, a wonderful huge selection of many real live succulent plants, this fantastic gift basket will last for many years.
Terricotta Succulent Garden
$ 65.00
Assortment of different varieties in succulents arranged in a terracotta pot. Thrives in the full sun.