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$ 79.00
Simply arranged natives, designed to show off the beauty of these long lasting fascinating blooms..
$ 150.00
Lovely Tall sleek & stylish native arrangement in ceramic pot this one is my pick of the Aussie natives!
Bright Yellow Banksia Arrangement
$ 220.00
Bright and sunny presence of native banksia to brighten up any corner in your house. A lovely mix of Aussie native plants with an eye-catching presence. Sure to please anyone who receive this lovely arrangement.
Bush Blooms
$ 110.00
Round arrangement of mix seasonal natives flowers including proteas, banksias, berries, geraldton wax and gum, arranged in green ceramic pot. What a fantastic way to express your thoughts.
Bush Landscape
$ 95.00
Lovely grouping native landscape arrangement, set in seagrass basket. Natives being the longest lasting fresh flowers, you can keep for weeks even months at a time.
Bush wooden box
$ 85.00
Timber box arrangement of natives featuring the King protea as a focal point surrounded with banksias, nuts, gum and leuc's + seasonal natives.
Green Native Box Arrangement
$ 95.00
Mix seasonal arrangement of natives including proteas, banksias, berries, geraldton wax and gum, arranged in a dressed moss green large box.
Hand Tied Native Bunch
$ 95.00
Mix posy of seasonal natives flowers including proteas, banksias, leucadendrons, gum and seasonal native filler wrapped with earthy colour paper and ribbon.
Impressive Native Arrangement
$ 195.00
A truly majestic Arrangement (self contained) of proteas and native blooms including leucs, and lots of rustic colour & texture of the native collection.
King Delight
$ 250.00
Huge selection of seasonal native blooms, this large arrangement is sure to impress, and will last for may weeks.
Large Native Wrapped Bouquet
$ 95.00
Beautiful long stem bouquet of Seasonal mixed natives, a long lasting bouquet, suitable for any occasion.
Long Native Centrepiece
$ 550.00
Low and long centerpiece is a mass of mixed seasonal wildflowers, natives and foliage's this makes a stunning focal point for any large area.
Mini Modern Native Arrangement
$ 75.00
A little something to say.... to brighten up your day. Long lasting gift in a woven basket.
Modern Bouquet in a Glass Vase
$ 75.00
This unique floral gift is brimming with beautiful pinks, soft tones, with green foliage that is sure to delight. Protea's add a special touch to this bouquet that is presented in a modern glass vase. Order today for same day delivery.
Native Crate
$ 95.00
Our ever popular native crate arrangement designed with the wonderful colours and textures of native flowers and fillers.
Native Gift Box Arrangement
$ 85.00
Beautiful mix of native flowers including sunflowers. Delicately arranged to captures with warmth of changing seasons. Wrapped in a matching gauze and packed in a golden box to make a perfect gift for any day. Order now for same day delivery.
Native Mini Box Arrangement
$ 75.00
Proteas and banksias are the focal point of this showy design, a long lasting look that never goes out of style.
Native Modern Hession Bag
$ 75.00
A modern take on a seasonal mix of Native flowers.
Native Pot Arrangement
$ 85.00
All round style pot arrangement of seasonal natives including seasonal proteas, banksias, nuts, bud wax, and gum foliage, a long lasting beautiful centrepiece.
Natives with Sunflowers Bunch
$ 75.00
Sunflowers and native bunch, a wonderful combination for a rustic look, both colourful and long lasting. Will need to go into your own vase. Vase not included.
Natural Beauty
$ 135.00
Beautiful Large Hand tied bouquet of Proteas, lush foilage, roses and lisianthus. A wonderful gift that will suit any occasion.
Rustic Modern Basket
$ 75.00
Mixed modern arrangement of seasonal proteas, leucadendrons & foliage displayed in woven box. Perfect for hospitals or anywhere limited for space.
Rustic Vase Arrangement
$ 120.00
Large seasonal Native Bouquet of Native cut flowers, displayed in a rustic vase.
$ 95.00
Large assortment of native flowers such as leucadendrons, proteas, banksias nuts and native foliage, truly a magnificent bouquet.