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Artificial Phaleonopsis Orchid Plant
$ 120.00
Looking for a statement piece to send with a luxury touch? Our stunning faux Potted Phalenopsis Orchid is perfect for that! This lovely Orchid plant is so great as it won't die! If you're looking for an unkillable plant that has the same effect as a real one this is the one.
Beautiful Everlasting Designer Arrangement
$ 145.00
Lovely Everlasting Arrangement is sure to add a bright presence to any spot in your office or home. A soft and pleasing presence of subtle shades of white and pinks gives a perfect aesthetic mix to this lovely arrangement.
Bright Yellow Banksia Arrangement
$ 125.00
The bright and sunny presence of the native yellow banksia in this arrangement help brighten up any corner in the room.These Aussie natives are a mix of silk and dried flowers, they demand an eye-catching presence. Sure to please anyone who receive this lovely everlasting arrangement.
Dreamy White Dried Arrangement
$ 195.00
An eye-catching arrangement of everlasting flowers with mix shades of white and cream.
Dried and Preserved Round Pot Arrangement
$ 75.00
Dried native flower arrangement in a lovely round pot. A long lasting gift that is sure to keep on giving.
Dried Silk Brown Peony Arrangement
$ 155.00
Beautiful rusty designer arrangement, featuring earthy toned silk brown peonies, with a neutral toned selection of mix dried and silk flowers and foliage , a tall style arrangement.
Everlasting Orchid Plant
$ 120.00
Everlasting laytex Red Phalaenopsis orchid plant.
Everlasting Pink Glory
$ 175.00
Large tall and showy designer arrangement of silk hydrangea and peonies, mixed with a combination of dried and preserved leaves and foliage.
Everlasting Succulent and Peonies Arrangement
$ 95.00
Everlasting Succulents with silk peonies arranged with style, in a lovely ceramic pot.
Everlasting Succulent Garden
$ 65.00
Lovely selection of everlasting succulents arranged into a low bonsai ceramic pot.
Forever Arrangement
$ 165.00
Lovely selection of mixed dried and silk flowers including real cotton including dried preserved hydrangeas all arranged in tall vase. A long lasting gift that will last forever.
Garden of Everlasting Natives
$ 95.00
Everlasting king protea beautifully arranged in ceramic vase to give a picture of the perfect everlasting garden. Impressive look and sure to last for a very long time.
Glorious Everlasting Arrangement
$ 155.00
A truly glorious arrangement of native everlasting flowers to stand out wherever it is placed. Sure to adorn any surrounding with its overwhelming presence. A great gift for all occasions.
King Dried Arrangement
$ 195.00
Dried king proteas are featured here in this magnificent arrangement in ceramic vase, a lovely large everlasting design indeed.
King Protea Dried Arrangement
$ 120.00
Dried King proteas are featured in this modern chic design.
Large blue vase arrangement
$ 135.00
Large tall stylish arrangement featuring silk hydrangea, orchids, delphinium, frangipani, set in tall blue ceramic vase.
Modern Style Everlasting Arrangement
$ 145.00
Modern Style Everlasting Arrangement includes silk peonies with preserved cream hydrangeas and green amaranthus.
Natural Elements
$ 120.00
Neutral tones of natives in dried and preserved flowers designed into a lovely cream ceramic vase.
Natural Everlasting Arrangement
$ 95.00
A beautiful arrangement of silk and preserved flowers in a heavy ceramic vase. Silk and dried arrangements will last for a very long time. This eye-catching arrangement will make a perfect gift for any occasion.
Peonies & Roses Tall arrangement
$ 135.00
Gorgeous modern design featuring silk Peonies & Roses, arranged in tall tin pot.
Permanent White Arrangement
$ 120.00
Permanent White and green arrangement is sure to please anyone with its majestic look.
Pink and white Hydrangeas arrangement
$ 85.00
This everlasting arrangement looks so real with the variation of shapes and colours in both dried and silk hydrangea arranged in a narrow heavy ceramic vase.
Pretty Silk And Dried Arrangement
$ 95.00
Beautiful designer Silk and Dried Arrangement, arranged in a unique squat heavy ceramic vase.
Silver vase Native Dried Arrangement
$ 220.00
Beautiful dried natives, cotton, and succulents arrangement in large silver pot.
Table arrangement of succulents
$ 99.00
Realistic succulents look amazing in this lovely table centrepiece.
Tall Native arrangement
$ 250.00
Proteas and heliconias dominate this lovely everlasting silk and dried native arrangement in Tall ceramic vase.
White and Cream Arrangement
$ 95.00
All white and cream classical design, featuring silk hydrangea with silk cream roses incorporating dried and preserved flowers in this lovely arrangement.
White Silk King Arrangement
$ 95.00
A beautiful white King Protea is the main attraction in this beautiful everlasting designer arrangement.
Wrapped Dried & Silk Preserved Bouquet
$ 75.00
I lovely combination of mixed dried, preserved, and silk flowers. A A lovely gift wrapped Bouquet, that will last forever..
Wrapped Dried, Silk & Preserved Bouquet
$ 75.00
Flat back dried, preserved and silk Bouquet featuring the beautiful king protea, gift wrapped with a hessian ribbon.