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Cymbidium Orchids season is here!!

Cymbidium Orchids season is here!!

Cymbidium Orchids - Natures Masterpiece.

Just delivered directly from our local specialist and show Orchid Grower, is the beautiful CYMBIDIUM ORCHIDS, we are so delighted the cymbidium orchid season has begun.
Available as a cut flower, (what we call Spikes), or as a plant.

A wonderfully different and long-lasting gift, that keeps on giving year after year with the correct care. Cymbidium orchids are the most rewarding and easy to grow plants in the orchid world.

Cymbidium orchids will flower even when they are neglected, although when their cultural needs are met they will reward you with plenty of more beautiful blooms for you to enjoy.

Orchid Flowers on the plant will last 3 months or more depending on the stage when you receive them. In order for the orchid to re-flower well every year, cymbidiums need to have as much light as possible without burning.

A covered or shady area is ideal all year round. Space plants so they get plenty of light around them. This also provides plants with good air movement. Orchid fertiliser is good, although one thing to remember is that little and often is better than casually overfeeding.

These magnificent cymbidium orchid plants are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, even 6 flowering spikes on each plant. Our beautiful Cymbidium orchid plants are available to purchase on our website, delivered as a gift to be enjoyed for months and many years to come. 

To order, see our “Plants” page for more options. If you do require a special colour or size, call us and we will be happy to help you through the range we have available in-store to make your selection.